Preview page from A-Hole! #5

Over the holidays, I found out that I have been lactose intolerant my whole life, but my Mom, for fear of being a social outcast for giving her son (God forbid) soy milk, she opted to just give me skim, because I didn’t throw that up so much. Kidney stones, obesity, heart attack, all of that could have been avoided had I known. What do you do? Here is what I have done. I have changed my entire lifestyle. I eat only veggies, fruit, and nuts. That’s it. Once a week I treat myself to some brown rice, a potato, and the occasional bowl of plain oatmeal. I also lift weights twice a day, and walk 2.5 miles a day at an incline of 2, until the end, when I bump up the incline and the speed. I’ve been at it for 3 weeks now, and I feel like I’ve never felt in my life. Energized. Strong. I was never supposed to be fat, I just didn’t know how to feed myself. But now I know. And I’m changing things. I’m hiding until I lose this weight. I’m embarrassed and angry, but I’m using that along with resolve as fuel for my transformation. In the meantime, if you haven’t already headed over to the Source Comics and Games in Roseville for the fleeting and exclusive copies of “Wit’s End” and “A-Hole!”‘s 2 through 4, you should do it now. I only brought them 5 copies of each. Already did it and can’t wait for number 5? Here is a preview.preview

The Epic

What I’ve done, is taken all of my stories lines that have gone unfinished, and I’m finishing them. This includes the sagas of Tatertotdiaperman, Pink Eraserhead, The Apocalypse Chronicles, Klonko and Lord Harold, and a few others. Here is the suprise though. I have found a way to tie all the stories together under one common plot line. And I’m publishing all of it under the “A-Hole” banner. It will be 9 issues (or chapters) long, and it will answer all of the questions I’ve left from other comics, including “Stovetop”. It’s a huge project, but I just received a proof copy of “A-Hole!” #4 and it looks swell. Five is almost done. 4 more pages I think. Half of 6,7, and 8 are complete. Here is a photo of my wall of work. DSCN0268DSCN0269