Remember “One Day in 1978”

I posted shitty scans of this a long time ago. I then self-published a crappy little comic with a horrible cover through “Ka-Blam”. It sucked. So I’ve re-scanned the art, and I am adding the first story to “A-Hole” number 4. Some of my new fans may not be familiar with this particular story, so here is a page from about right in the middle. obb

A-Hole! #3? Already?

Yeah! And I have enough content for a fourth, as well as two super-specials, including “Jesus Christ: Nazi Hunter” and “The Best of Tatertotdiaperman!”. So that ‘s three new books for the comic shops! If you really want to read thenm now, you can go the Createspace store and order “Wit’s End” and “A-Hole#2” right now, with #3 to follow in a couple of weeks!
A3 cover