Organized Chaos

Mental illness sucks. Agorophobis sucks. Anxiety blows, but also sucks as well. But then this artwork comes out of this madness. I’m working on the “Omaha” story. Not difficult to write, just so brutally honest, I’m not sure I want anyone to read it-ever. I will never post it on my website. Not that it’s bad stuff, just so revealing that it makes me uncomfortable. On the flipside, I have been creating huge paintings on different types of wood, spraying them with high gloss, and sending them over to my friend Enoch’s house, for a future art show. Believe me, you want to see these in person. They are vivid.

These are for sale. They’re affordable, but they aren’t cheap.Email me directly at if interested.

1 thought on “Organized Chaos”

  1. Those are fantastic, Lance… what are you painting them with? Looks like oils. I’d love to be a test audience and/or proofreader for your Omaha, story if you want one! Hope things are improving for you.

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