Fat Ass (another page from the new book)

What I’ve done is compiled all the short story auto-bio and one-page auto-bio cartoons I’ve done over the past 3 years, and put them into one book. I took all my old strips, and I doctored them up with either ink wash (mostly) and/or photoshop. This was a large task. But the funny thing is, they all fit nicely into 7 consice chapters. Here is an early strip, remastered for “Wit’s End”.

The Butterfly

Sometimes I feel like a butterfly. Not your normal butterfly, but the kind that goes into chrysalis mode several times, each time shedding painful skin and pieces of the former self. And when the transformation is complete, a better, stronger artist emerges. I feel that I am in a transitional stage right now, struggling with the demons inside my private transformation chamber. I am alone, as it should be, as it will be forever. I have finished “Wit’s End”, and am printing up some proofs so I can fix the mistakes. And then I am going to continue to work on “Patient Zero(?)”, the direct sequel to “Kmart Shoes”, and the toughest book to write without a doubt, until the next one, that is. In between stories, I make strange comics like this one:

Halloween Memories

I originally posted this exclusively to the “Kmart Shoes” facebook page, but you know what? I’m getting kind of fucking sick of facebook. It’s mostly just bullshit, and it increases my anxiety. I suppose as a public figure, I should probably keep it active, but I would love to let facebook fuck-off for a while.

Organized Chaos

Mental illness sucks. Agorophobis sucks. Anxiety blows, but also sucks as well. But then this artwork comes out of this madness. I’m working on the “Omaha” story. Not difficult to write, just so brutally honest, I’m not sure I want anyone to read it-ever. I will never post it on my website. Not that it’s bad stuff, just so revealing that it makes me uncomfortable. On the flipside, I have been creating huge paintings on different types of wood, spraying them with high gloss, and sending them over to my friend Enoch’s house, for a future art show. Believe me, you want to see these in person. They are vivid.

These are for sale. They’re affordable, but they aren’t cheap.Email me directly at wardfamilyfun@msn.com if interested.