Art For Sale

Unless you are independently wealthy, you need to sell your artwork to survive. So unless you want to starve, you also have to become a salesman for your own shit. I hate that. I would like to get to the point where people get a hold of me and say “I want to buy some of your artwork” and I say “Okay” and they come over, pick something out, and hand me a wad of bills. It’s happened a couple of times lately, but not enough. So, for one time only, I have decided to sell some original pages from “Kmart Shoes”. On one day only. This Saturday, October 6th at the FallCon celebration in St.Paul, Minnesota. I will have a table, and I will be selling the brand new copies of “Kmart Shoes”, loose and carded action figures, art prints, and pages from “Kmart Shoes” for $25 dollars a page. Most of the pages, however, were drawn side-by-side with another page, so the cost would be $50 for most of the artwork im old 3-ring binder. One time only.

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