A message for Cockroach

My friend Cockroach is trying to quit smoking. I’m not really drawing comics anymore, but I decided to do this for him, because he rates. Roach and I went to radio school together. In fact, he became my best friend during that period in my life. The guy has a razor sharp wit and can put a comedic spin on any situation. He is smart and funny, and was a blast to be around. We actually experienced our first time on the air together, as we did an hour long show on KFAI called “The Roach Motel”, and it was produced by none other than the late Earl Root. The Roach had to move back to Racine back in ’95, and we lost touch until Facebook allowed us to connect again. I am quite glad about this, and I cannot wait until the day that I can see him again and hang out. Until then, I shall help him quit smoking some tips from myself, an ex-smoker.