“Kmart Shoes” releases on October 6th!

That’s right! An all-new edition of “Kmart Shoes” will see it’s official release Saturday, October 6th, at the Twin Cities own Fall-Con event at the State Fairgrounds! Seventh Avenue Productions really gave me the help I needed to bring my vision for this book to life. Besides a new cover, the page count has gone from 93 to a whopping 161! We also decided to go with Black and White, which is closer to the feel I wanted for the book. The bright colors, though good at adding detail to my loose illustrations, ultimately detract from the seriousness of the content. You’ll see. It looks great, and just the way it should be.

Having Fun!

I truly am having a blast bringing these strange, loose, brush drawings to life with photoshop! It calms me. The drawings are the product of the crippling anxiety I have been feeling lately, so to go back, and add the bright, garish colors to the otherwise grim artwork is therapeutic in the fact that I transform them from the inky black screams of helplessness into artwork I can live with and actually enjoy. So here are a few more.

If you would like a limited edition, numbered and signed print, they are $30 or $50 for a framed version. 15″x12″ on high quality, thick paper. Custom sizes available. E-mail me wardfamilyfun@msn.com for info.


Every summer, I slack off on the comics, and pursue other artistic alleyways. This summer was no different, with one exception. This summer, my psychosis is out of hand. Add to that depression and anxiety, and you’ve got a real killer! Real killer! So I’ve been channeling all this madness (or am I really sane, and the world is somehow being twisted?) into a nervous energy that allows me to create art pieces like the following illustrations. I brush them out, and then add color in photoshop later, after I come back to reality. I really wonder if I died back in 2004, and this is some kind of afterlife.