A Tatertotdiaperman Guest Comic!

By the talented Jeremy Olson! He actually gave this to me quite a while ago, but I’ve only recently found it in a folder I rarely use, or even see! You see, when he gave it to me, it was in a situation where I was not at home, or at one of our local art events. In order to keep it pristine and free fom wrinkles, I put it in a stiff 3-ring binder that I just happened to have with me at the time. And, regrettably, it was forgotten about. Until, that is, I ran into Jeremy at the TOOL concert. He proceded to violently rape me and wouldn’t stop until I agreed to dig for it. After the anal trauma healed to point where now it only continuously itches, I started to comb through my studio one greasy folder at a time. This morning I hit paydirt. Or shit. You be the judge.

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