Unseen “Starship Down” Strips

Some of you have read my book “Kmart Shoes”. In it, I talk about a comic strip I created in High School called “Starship Down”. This was the comic that I showed to Greg Howard, creator of the comic strip “Sally Forth”, back in early 1986. Those original strips were stolen from out of my locker before I could even pursue any kind of career with that strip. When it was stolen, I was devastated. All the hard work I had done was gone. I gave up on “Starship Down” after that, thinking that I could never go back and re-draw the origin and all that. Flash forward to 2007, and I decided to finally give cartooning a try, as I had nothing left to lose after suffering heart attacks and nerve damage in my leg. I could never hold a regular job again, and if I wanted to ever get off of disability, this was my ticket. So I drew up 80 daily strips, and six color Sunday strips, with the intention of sending them off to the syndicates, which I did. I was rejected. I didn’t realize that rejection is part of life for a writer and artist when you first start out, and it sent me into a crippling depression that lasted two years. I didn’t draw a single doodle in that entire two year span. Nothing. Some of you know the rest of the story, but I’ll save that for a later time.
Some of you have seen the first 40 or 50 strips, as I published them in mini-comic form back in early 2010. But almost no one has seen the later strips, when I had established the main characters and started to bring in more “side” characters. Here is a weeks worth of strips starring a little critter I came up with, called a “Boog”. It’s short for “Booger”.

The above strip, is my single favorite comic strip I’ve ever drawn.

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