Freddy Friday

I thought that I could take it easy. I decided to stop drawing the auto-bio stuff for the summer. It was just getting to be too much for my adled mind to handle. I was going to paint, or to create something different. Oh, I’m creating, alright. Too much. I am working on “A-Hole#2 and #3, and perhaps another anthology type of book. I have written “Stovetop 2″(not the title) and have penciled the first page. I am also working on a 15ft. mural in a friends garage. Plusa whole bunch of other stuff in addition to my duties as cartoonist for Crowded Comics. I am also illustrating for fun and for profit. Would you like a personalized drawing? I’ll do commissions! Just drop me an e-mail! And remember, a bunch of my books are available at, including:Kmart Shoes, Radio Daze, A-Hole, The Tatertotdiaperman Experiment, and Stovetop! And now, here is the cover for a strange project I am working on for the next Lutefisk Sushi Box:

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