Thanks, everyone!

I would like to thank everyone that saw me at Spring-Con over the weekend. It’s very hard for me to be a part of social situations, but everyone made me feel right at home, hiding behind my mountain of books, toys, and art. I would especially like to thank my tablemate Jon Sloan, for keeping an eye on my stuff while I looked around. He is the creator of “Sa Bom Jim”, a family freindly adventure comic. I provided a link on the side there. Here is a single page comic I did for his website earlier in the year. And I would also like to thank Gene Ha for his patience with me, as I kept bothering him while he was working.

Zombies! Secret Spring-Con Teaser Page

Everybody always asks me “What are you working on?”. Well, here is a single page from “Wasted: The Apocalypse Chronicles Book One”. I don’t have it in book form yet, I am working on it still. But, if you are fortunate enough to be at Spring-Con May 19th an 20th at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds Grandstand, and you ask me nicely, I will pull out the folder and show you the first couple of chapters! Now, here is that single page, as promised:

Spring-Con May 19th-20th 2012 Minnesota State Fairgrounds Grandstand

That’s where I’ll be, loaded up with books and art. I won’t have any toys this year for sale (except for one small box hidden away for emergency funds if needed) but I WILL have paintings, sculptures, and something new this year. I will be offering sketch book pages for $5 each. But here’s the twist: You get to tear the page out of any of the sketchbooks I bring-ANY page! And I’m bringing the good stuff! There are stories, and comics I never used, and outlines for books I’ve written! You don’t want to pass this up! I will also have six books for sale, including “Stovetop”, “Kmart Shoes”, and “Radio Daze” along with the second printing of “One Day in 1978” and “The Tatertotdiaperman Experiment”! Oh yeah, and this one: