“Radio Daze” soon to be published

By me! Just in time for Spring-Con May 19th-20th at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds Grandstand! Man, I am going to have a lot of books for sale this year! And paintings! This will be your last chance to get some cheap art from me! I mean it! Now, here is a little teaser from the David Steinlicht designed cover! Full color? Full color!

Getting my ass kicked again (Cerebral Itch part 3)

The story so far: It’s fall, 1988. I scored a job in Edina, and a place to stay in Minneapolis. My Mom just offered to sell me her car dirt cheap. I was puzzled at her motivation, so I decided to recall a story from the year before, to make sense of what was occuring. This story, taking place on Valentines Day 1987, begins with Mikey and I being picked up in Forest Lake by a friend that I had had while living with my Dad in Rosemount. When we aked him where we were going, he said he was taking us to St.Paul. And here the story continues…

The Comics Journal reviews “Kmart Shoes”

Rob Clough (pronounced “Clow” as in “Plow”) gave “Kmart Shoes” a glowing review. I am humbled and grateful. I am so honored to be a part of The Comics Journal. I don’t know what to say. So grateful! To everyone who supported me and believed in me! I thank all of you! This really validates myself as an artist. I’m not a delusional piece of shit! I don’t know how to paste the link, just got to tcj.com and scroll down to reviews. I’m going to go exercise now. I feel like living as long as possible, now.

I am making a suprise appearance!

At the Open Book cartoon studio at the Minnesota Center for the Book Arts today, March 10th 2012, from 12 until my anxiety tells me it’s time to go! I will be bringing copies of my books (Stovetop, Kmart Shoes, A-Hole, and One Day in 1978) and you can purchase them at a discount rate before Spring Con! The MCBA is located on Washington Ave. downtown next door to Big Brain Comic shop! We sit at the tables in the back!