“Kmart Shoes” the collected years 1973-1988

Hey kids! That’s right! I have managed to put together the Kmart Shoes graphic novel just in time for the Toy and Comic Show this weekend (Feb 11) in Woodbury Minnesota! My autobiography is huge. And it is only half complete. So I decided to just publish these huge chapters in volumes, starting with the earliest part of my life, the chapter I am calling “Kmart Shoes”. Due to monetary restrictions, the volume in question will not be the way I exactly want it to be seen. I’ve had to publish in Grayscale instead of color, and I had to leave the story at 12 frames per page, instead of the six page, landscape style I had imagined. It will happen the way I want it someday I hope, but for now, this will have to do! It’s an affordable Ten dollars, and contains sevral pages of unposted material!?! Just intro’s and outro’s, right? Wrong! I never posted the story of how I ended up living with my Dad full time in 1982! And it stars that loveable kleptomaniac Mikey! You can pick up a special proof copy this weekend at Valley Creek Mall 1750 Weir Drive in Woodbury from 9am til 3pm! An dnow, for your viewing pleasure, the cover for this first volume:

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