Hey hey!!! Stovetop in Diamonds previews!

Hey kids! My graphic novel “Stovetop” can now be pre-ordered through your favorite comic shop! It’s in the September issue of Diamonds Previews catalog! Order code: Sep110964 ! This is your chance to help a guy out! Call your comic shop and ask for it!

“It’s like the Muppets on ‘shrooms!”
Travis Bundy, Jeff

“Fridley Marsh”

Everyone’s been asking me, “what are you working on?”. You mean besides the editorials, the auto-bio stuff, “A-Hole”, Jesus Christ:Nazi Hunter, Filthy Little Cartoons and all the other side projects? Busted. I have been working on a secret project. Entitled “Fridley Marsh”, it is the story of, well, can’t give that away now, can I? I will tell you this. I am painting every page with watercolors. Here is a teaser page, a few pages into the story. I think it’s ambiguous enough to not give too much away. Enjoy!

A Great Shame

So I have all this auto-bio stuff. And I was planning on putting it all together into one giant volume and calling it “Scars”. I don’t feel that is the way to go for me anymore. I think I am going to release it in smaller books, each one focusing on a different aspect or adventure. I don’t think huge books are the way to go anymore. 400 pages? That’s gonna run me at least $15 and more like twenty or more! I can’t afford to lay down that much scratch for a book! Even Ten dollars has me turning my nose up these days. But five bucks? Sure, I’ll take a chance on a story for five dollars. These days, everything is uncertain.
So here are the first two pages of the first book, I’m calling it “A Great Shame”, and it’s all about my struggles with mental illness. I am presenting these in color, as every comic I create from here on out will be in color. I will also be presenting it in landscape style. Here are the first two pages.

What I’m doing is taking the old Tatertot template and chopping it in half. This way I can enlarge the drawings and it also makes for less work.