Hey kids! I’m going on vacation!

That’s right! Every summer, starting last summer, I stop concentrating on comics and begin to paint. This type of yearly schedule alows me to spend time with my kids without the focus of a new comic distracting me every moment. Painting allows to be to be entirely free creatively and I’m still productive as my paintings are usually featured throughout the year at Altered Esthetics art gallery in one show or another. In August is a show and I will be the featured artist. More on that later. Have a good summer!

Update central!

Hey Kids! Yes, I know, I haven’t posted anything in a while. That’s because I have been quite busy getting ready for Spring-Con! The Twin Cities biggest and best comic book convention! May 21st and 22nd at the State Fairgrounds Grandstand building! I will have my own table selling copies of The Tatertotdiaperman Experiment and the very last self-published copies of Stovetop! In addition to that, I have been working on a couple of Top Secret projects that you will find out about in the future. And that’s not all! In addition to being the editorial cartoonist for the South Washington County Bulletin and the Hastings Star-Gazette, you’ll be able to see a totally different editorial weekly in the Woodbury Bulletin! Just another step closer to conquering the world!