Photshop rookie

Hi kids! Well, you’re probably wondering why I haven’t posted in a while. I’ll tell you. My friend and brother David Cohen gave me an older copy of Photshop(7.0). He showed me how to fill in colors and how to choose brush sizes and he let me go have fun. And having fun fucking around with photoshop is exactly what I have been doing. Because, for another time in my life, a whole new world has opened up to me.

No longer will I have to rely on someone else to clean up my scans or to add color. No longer do I have to brow beat myself when my attempts at hand coloring look like shit. I can fully realize my visions now.

I don’t know much, David showed me a whole bunch of shit that first night and I forgot half of it so my first attempts are, by photoshop standards, quite primitive. Here are some examples:

Hey kids! I am cleaning up and coloring my attempt at a newspaper strip entitled “Starship Down” and have started posting the final products at my other site, !

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