EXIT MUSIC was my first attempt at something resembling a comic book. You see, I had always just done little comics on whatever scraps of paper I could find with any pen and just tossed them aside. I had no real idea what to do, if anything, with my artistic talent. And then I read Joe Matt’s “Peep Show” and thw world, once again, opened up for Mr.Ward. Juvenile and, at times, tasteless, this is a picture of me before 9-11, before the heart attack, most of it even before I had kids.

So what I in 2001 was take all these jumbled comics and glue them to comic art boards, and then I drew explanitory comics around them. I hated this comic after I did it. I printed up some copies and gave them away, I only sold a few. I through it in ashelf and left it there until 2003 when I added a few new pages.