More “little Filthies”

Here’s a fun fact! I drew these little filthy cartoons on the margins of my “Geek Report” note sheet! We had special guest Will Dinski that day. Did Will inspire these cartoons somehow? Was I not paying attention to the show? Why didn’t I talk about Japanese action figures that day? Who the fuck knows! Enjoy the original page below:

Ice Dammit!

I don’t use any pencil when I draw these TTDM strips! No pre-drawing of any kind! I just grab a pen and go to work! Yes, I make mistakes all the time, grammatical or otherwise, but I can live with that. You see, this is an emotional work. I’ll be going about my business when WHAM! I get struck with an idea and I have to get it on paper right away! I grab a Tatertotdiaperpage(pre-made from the same template as the very first strip) and I get that shit on the paper! If I were to take the time to draw new frames and predraw everything just right, well, it wouldn’t be the same. That’s what I do with my other work(excluding my Filthy Little series) such as my weekly editorials or my numerous other projects.