We had no choice

Still trying to sell that book of mine! Go to Lulu.com, click on the “buy” tab, and enter “The Tatertotdiaperman Experiment”. I’ve managed to weave a single narrative, linking all my previous strips together, into a single story, the story of my life. This book is the beginning, and it gives you essential information you will need to fully appreciate the stories that have come and will come in TTDM Phase Two.

Dinner with Miller

I’m still trying to sell that book of mine! “The Tatertotdiaperman Experiment” is a truly unique graphic novel like no other. Go to Lulu.com(I have the link posted on the side, there) click on the “buy” tab and buy! It’s gonna cost you twenty bucks with shipping but it is worth it! It will take you several hours to read this book! What are you waiting for?

Great Big Ass!

That got your attention! Here is the first EVER appearence of Tatertotdiaperman! If you purchased my book, you read about this in the foreword and in a subsequent strip embedded deep in Chapter Two of “The Tatertotdiaperman Experiment” available now at Lulu.com for the very reasonable price of $17.99 for a unique graphic novel of this size! Help support your struggling artist!

I’ve had to manually crop the poster comic so I could scan it in. Enjoy your weekend!