You know, a friend of mine recently asked me to name 15 artists off of the top of my head. Of course I rattled off the most famous, then I delved a little deeper, even throwing in a couple of my local friends. And then the list was over.

But I kept thinking about it.

I thought about it until I could no longer feign sleep. I jumped up and made a list of the artists who have had the most influence on my work. The list is huge and contains almost every major and minor cartoonist you can think of. Except I left off of that list a few oddballs who have had a huge influence on my humorous style of cartooning. I am talking of course about the artists from Hustler magazine. But, isn’t Hustler a hard core pornography magazine?

It is, but it was always chock full of the raunchiest, funniest cartoons I’ve ever seen. You see, back in 1990, I moved to Omaha Nebraska with my girlfriend who had family living there. I needed a job, and at the time, there weren’t a lot of jobs to be had. So I took what I could get. A clerk an adult bookstore. It paid well and it was a pretty secure environment. It also opened my mind up to an entire world of things that I knew not much about. That where I discovered cartoonists like Cheney, Tinsley, and McCoy. Sure, some of the older cartoons were blatantly racist, and most, if not all of them were in bad  taste, but the were undeniably funny, well drawn and numerous. I looked forward to the new magazine every month so I could be entertained by the low brow humor I’d come to know and love.I don’t remember a lot of their names, but I consider them peers, and they have made the list.

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