The Tatertotdiaperman Graphic Novel is Here!

The perfect Christmas present! This graphic novel contains almost every posting up until last month! With special, never before seen pages and guest artist comics by Ryan Dow , Danno Klonowski and others! 220 pages of madness with a special introduction comic by Steven Stwalley! With special guest stars like Kevin Cannon and James Powell, you can’t go wrong this holiday season! Head over to to order your copie(s) today!

Life in the Hospital

You know, I really needed to be there. It’s hard to admit, but it’s a fact. I kept trying to kill myself, and I kept getting saved. My wonderful wife Georgia has kept me out of the psych units since I met her, but that’s not to say I haven’t had any hospital worthy moments. I have, and they suck. But I have kids now and many other responsibilities and I am determined to deal with this shit on my own as long as I can.

The Curse

To my fellow cartoonists, I pose a question? Has this ever happened to you? Say you are at a social gathering of one kind or another and you start to draw. Inevitably, someone comes up tp you and asks to see what you are working on. You stop what you are doing(focusing) and reluctantly let some stranger or relative paw up your sketchbook with thier dirty hands. They “ooh” and “aah” for a little bit and then they all say the same thing: “I wish I could draw like that!”. Back then, when this story was playing out, my usual answer would have been “I wish I didn’t have this talent. Then I could go on with my life and just be normal Joe Shmo.”. I felt that way for a long time, that my talent was cursing me with over sensitivity and if I could just somehow not draw or think creatively I might be able to beat the anxiety and depression that was ruining my life. These days, however, I am glad that I have this talent! I feel lucky as hell that I view life differently than most people. But now my life is full of love and support, and I think that makes all the difference.

The Misunderstood

I had actualy been a guest at psyche units TWICE before, but those times were brief(10 days to two weeks) and I was in open units in different hospitals. The eigth floor at Ramsey Hospital(now called Regions Hospital) was notorious for locking up the worst cases, and among the mentally Ill community, there was no other hospital matched for it’s ill repute and it’s willingness to send it’s unlucky guests to the State Hospital.