The Return of Lord Harold

Ahh, good old Lord Harold! For those of you unfamiliar with Lord Harold, he first appears in the pages of my graphic novel KLONKO as a somewhat mysterious threat who plays a small part in the short life of the titular robot. I then decided to write a short backstory about Lord Harold and how he came to be the vile space broker that he is. Spoiler alert: Years of brutal anal rape. Yes, unlike KLONKO, Lord Harold garnered a mature rating and would soon become my most successful comic to date. Why does he now appear in the pages of kid-friendly Peter Puke? Because I can do anything I want with the characters I’ve created. And I thought it would be funny to have this bad-ass rape trauma murderer space pirate be the hapless antagonist in a slapstick comedy story. Of course, that doesn’t mean to say that at some point this comic may take a more sinister turn…

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