The Return of Lord Harold

Ahh, good old Lord Harold! For those of you unfamiliar with Lord Harold, he first appears in the pages of my graphic novel KLONKO as a somewhat mysterious threat who plays a small part in the short life of the titular robot. I then decided to write a short backstory about Lord Harold and how he came to be the vile space broker that he is. Spoiler alert: Years of brutal anal rape. Yes, unlike KLONKO, Lord Harold garnered a mature rating and would soon become my most successful comic to date. Why does he now appear in the pages of kid-friendly Peter Puke? Because I can do anything I want with the characters I’ve created. And I thought it would be funny to have this bad-ass rape trauma murderer space pirate be the hapless antagonist in a slapstick comedy story. Of course, that doesn’t mean to say that at some point this comic may take a more sinister turn…

Peter Puke page 3

On this page we learn that Peter’s Dad is a bad-ass. You’ll also notice that I am not showing the face of his father. Is it because of the horrible relationship I had with my own father? Is it symbolic of some deep seated alienation towards fathers in general including myself? No! I simply like the idea of a character whose face is never seen. I think it adds to the whole “bad-ass” mystique.

Peter Puke page 2

Okay, second page and we get a little more of the story. His Dad can’t keep him and he’s dumping him off onto his Uncle Harold. We see now that his destination is a strange looking castle of some sort in the distance. I wanted this world to have an organic feel to it, as if the structures and mountains are formed by coral, or some kind of secretive process. You’ll also notice the bottom is free of any framing lines. I wanted the look for this comic to be different from all the others I had done before, and the artwork that bleeds beyond the borders is my way of letting go.

Introducing Peter Puke!

As you can tell, the style for this comic is quite different from my usual ink slinging. I wanted to evoke a different age, a different time-specifically the mid to late sixties. I used to love the old monster cartoons and comics. Still do.

These are just the black and white versions of the pages, with color being added by Bud Burgy at a later time. I am using my good old cheap ass brush and a .08 ink pen for most of the lettering.

And here is that mock-up page with color by Bud Burgy!

The upper part was partially colored by me and Bud used that as a guide to finish the rest of the page.

The story is finished. I sketched it out using a light blue pencil. Now it’s time to ink. I will be using a cheap number three brush that I got as part of a value pack from Michaels craft store. I’ll be doing some of the lettering with a .08 marker. Nothing fancy.