Struggling with depression

Hello friends. I know my behavior has been strange of late and I apologize. I am going through some severe anxiety and depression issues and it is affecting my everyday life. I can’t seem to write about it in comic strip form. In fact, I am not working on ANY comics at all, lately. I have been painting, however, and this is really helping me to stay connected tot he outside world. I am having problems showing my public face right now which is a problem as two of my paintings are in an art show opening Friday. Here is one of the paintings I have been working on. I am working on another and would show you a ‘work in progress’ photo but I can’t find my camera.

2 thoughts on “Struggling with depression”

  1. Hey, I’ll take whatever I can get… your comic gets posted one hell of a lot more regularly than mine! If one project is giving you shit, the best remedy is often to work on another one… which it sounds like is exactly what you are doing.

    Where is the gallery show at, Lance? Hope your mood improves soon, and I hope the comics start flowing again when you want them to.

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