Struggling with depression

Hello friends. I know my behavior has been strange of late and I apologize. I am going through some severe anxiety and depression issues and it is affecting my everyday life. I can’t seem to write about it in comic strip form. In fact, I am not working on ANY comics at all, lately. I have been painting, however, and this is really helping me to stay connected tot he outside world. I am having problems showing my public face right now which is a problem as two of my paintings are in an art show opening Friday. Here is one of the paintings I have been working on. I am working on another and would show you a ‘work in progress’ photo but I can’t find my camera.


I reside in Burroughs’ Interzone realm right now. I was given canvasses for my birthday and have been elbows deep in paint. here are some results:I call this “The Family Dynamic”

This next one I call “Bubie!”